Registration/Refund Policy

Once you have selected your course, please read our registration, payment, and refund policies:

Registration is considered complete once payment is received. You will receive your registration confirmation via email. Your course starts the day your order is processed.


The class must be paid in full at the time of registration. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and payments by Paypal.


The ETI Learning Center offers individualized training, so there is no risk of courses being cancelled.

Course Access
Registration is considered complete once payment is received. Your course begins on the day your order is processed. Once a course is started, you must finish within the 90-day time limit. Courses cannot be stopped and restarted, and the time limits refer to consecutive days only. Access information is also included in your class confirmation email.

Refunds will be given for any online course, provided that the student has not completed any lessons, and that the stated time limit has not passed. ETI will provide the individual or employer with prorated credit that can be used to purchase any other course at the ETI Learning Center.

Extensions can be purchased in 30-day increments for most courses; however, they must be purchased within 60 days of the course's original expiration date. Any course that was provided to the student as free—or as part of an onsite or public workshop—cannot be extended. Course extensions start on the day they are processed and run for the time frame purchased. Extensions may not be stopped and restarted; the time purchased is for consecutive days only.

It is not permissible to substitute courses once a student has registered unless authorized by the ETI Learning Center.


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