Fundamentals of GD&T Complete Course (ASME Y14.5M-1994)


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This fully interactive course in the fundamentals of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing teaches the symbols, modifiers, rules, and concepts of GD&T based on the ASME Y14.5M-1994 Standard. The course is recommended for all individuals who create or interpret engineering drawings.

Course Info: This course is divided into 28 lessons and a final exam. It takes approximately 24-28 hours to complete. The course can be purchased for 90-day access.

Prerequisites: Participants should have completed a course in Engineering Drawing Requirements or use drawings regularly on the job.

Course Access: The course must be completed within 90 days from date of purchase, depending upon the course length purchased.

Course Learning Objectives: The course contains 28 lessons that explain the terms, symbols, modifiers, rules, and basic concepts of geometric tolerancing as prescribed in ASME Y14.5M-1994. Program topics include:

Dimensions and Drawings
Key Terms
Modifiers and Symbols
GD&T Rules
GD&T Concepts
Planar Datums
Datum Targets
Size Datums (RFS)
Size Datums (MMC)
Orientation Controls
Position - Introduction
Position - RFS/MMC/LMC
Position - Special Applications
Fastener Formulas
Circular Runout
Total Runout
Introduction to Profile
Profile of a Surface
Profile of a Line

For a more detailed view of the lesson objectives and goals, click here.

Course Highlights: The Fundamentals of GD&T online course provides training that's interactive, professional, and similar to an actual classroom setting. The course includes:

Course Learning Tools
—Interactive lesson content
—Easy-to-read lesson/quiz screens
—Multiple question formats
—Detailed drawings & graphics illustrate concepts
—Instant lesson feedback explains why answer is wrong

Learning Aids
—GD&T glossary of over 150 terms & concepts
—100+ Author's Comments by Alex Krulikowski
—Content referenced with Ultimate Pocket Guide
—Geometric control application examples

Special Learning Technology
—Animations demonstrating concepts
—3D solid parts for better visualization
—Geometric control inspection animations
—Audio narration of lesson/quiz content

—A certificate of completion

System and Software Requirements:
This course can be taken on computers running Windows, using Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.

This web-based course is a comprehensive and affordable training solution for companies, corporations, educational institutions and individuals. Quantity discounts are available. For pricing information, or to register for the Fundamentals of GD&T web course, please call 800-886-0909 or email

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The Fundamentals of GD&T web-based course is cross-referenced with the GD&T Ultimate Pocket Guide. During training sessions, the pocket guide pages summarize and reinforce topics being studied. After training, the pocket-sized reference can be carried on the job and utilized whenever it's needed.

The pocket guide’s 77 information-packed pages contain:

— Over 50 detailed drawings to illustrate concepts

— Explanation of each GD&T symbol and modifier

— Examples of datum application

— Sections on surface texture and composite tolerancing

— A handy inch/millimeter conversion chart

— A conversion chart for coordinate measurement to diameter tolerance zone

— Full definitions of major concepts

Clarification of important rules and topics

Definitions of fixed and floating fastener formulas

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