Engineering Drawing Requirements
Based on ASME Y14.100-2004 and Y14.24-1999 (R2004)


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The interpretation of an engineering drawing has a direct impact on the final product. This fully interactive online course explains how to correctly interpret engineering drawings. It will improve a student's understanding of print reading and result in more effective communication on the job.

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Course Info: This course is divided into four lessons and four quizzes. It takes approximately 4 - 6 hours to complete. The course can be purchased for 90-day access.

Course Access: The course must be completed within 90 days from date of purchase, depending upon the course length purchased.

Who should attend:
This course is designed for anyone who interprets engineering drawings: product, manufacturing, and quality engineers; inspectors; machinists; production personnel; purchasing agents; etc.

Course Learning Objectives:
Working with engineering drawings involves analyzing, making decisions, and processing data. The Engineering Drawing Requirements course is based on practical application of print interpretation. It will give you a better understanding of the view representation, dimensions, tolerances, and symbols used on prints. You'll learn:

  • The definition and uses of engineering drawings
  • Types of engineering drawings
  • Appropriate standards and documents specified on engineering drawings
  • Basic part definition required on engineering drawings

This online workshop is based on ASME standards and common industry practices. The course is comprised of four lessons and takes approximately 4 - 6 hours to complete. It includes:

  • 40 practice problems
  • 40 quiz questions (10 at the end of each lesson)
  • a drawing packet containing 12 engineering drawings in printable PDF format
  • a certificate of completion

Program topics include:

Introduction to Engineering Drawings
Engineering drawings
Computer-aided design (CAD)
The purpose of engineering drawings
The importance of engineering drawings
The definition of a standard
The importance of drawing standards
ASME Y14.100-2004
Using ASME Y14.100 on engineering drawings
Specifying drawing standards
Types of engineering drawings

Drawing Types, Part 1
Layout drawings
- Design layout drawings
- Contour definition drawings
Detail drawings
- Monodetail drawings
- Multidetail drawings
- Tube bend drawings
Assembly drawings
- Arrangement drawings
- Assembly drawings
- Inseparable assembly drawings
- Installation drawings
- Wiring harness drawings

Drawing Types, Part 2
Control drawings
- Altered item drawings
- Design parameter drawings
- Envelope drawings
- Interface drawings
- Procurement control drawings
- Selected item drawings
- Source control drawings
- Vendor item control drawings
When to use each type of control drawing
Control drawing requirement

Drawing Types, Part 3
Diagram drawings
- Mechanical schematic diagram
- Functional block diagram
- Single line diagram
- Schematic or circuit diagram
- Connection or wiring diagram
- Interconnection diagram
- Logic circuit diagram
When to use each type of diagram drawing
Diagram drawing requirements

Course Highlights: The Engineering Drawing Requirements online course provides training that's interactive, professional, and similar to an actual classroom setting. The course includes:

Course Learning Tools
—Interactive lesson content
—Easy-to-read lesson/quiz screens
—Multiple question formats
—Detailed drawings & graphics illustrating concepts
—Instant lesson feedback explains why answer is wrong

Special Learning Aids
—Glossary of over 150 terms & concepts
—Drawing packet containing 12 engineering drawings

System and Software Requirements:
This course can be taken on computers running Windows, using Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.

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